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Quinn [Hatfield] is one of the city's most original thinkers. Every dish is an imaginative (and sometimes bewildering) juxtaposition of ingredients and a rainbow of colors.

- Brad Johnson, food critic

Quinn and Karen Hadfield's airy restaurant has wowed L.A.'s foodie crowd with innovative entrees and near-perfect deserts.

The new Hatfield's is, in short, a gracious restrauant for grown-ups. While everybody else is running as fast as they can for the food truckk, pop-up restaurant or small-plates dive, here's one heroic and hardworking chef who is standing his ground and going for fine dining. I, for one, am cheering for Hatfield's all the way.

- S. Irene Virbila

Maybe it's the roomier kitchen, maybe it's the thrill of moving, but Hatfield's new menu sparkles with originality. There's a multitude of grains. There's joy in the sear. There are inventive sauces. Tonal control is the signature characteristic of Quinn Hatfield's cooking. (4 out of 4 stars)  

- Patrick Kuh, restaurant critic

Husband and Wife restaurateurs Karen and Quinn Hatfield have a creative californian menu devoted to the rotating seasonal market. 

- Awarded one Michelin star

9 Setps to a Jack***-Free Hollywood: Summon the commelier at Hatfield's

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